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Why You Should Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

As the pollen count rises around this time of year, anything which provides relief and helps to provide a cleaner, healthier environment for you is worth looking into. One change you can make — and one people often overlook — is getting your car’s cabin air filter replaced. In this article, we’re looking at the effects and benefits of doing just that.

Car cabin air filter controls being tested

What is the cabin air filter?

An unsung hero, the cabin air filter helps to regulate and maintain a steady flow of clean, fresh air into your car. It’s an important part of your car’s air conditioning system, as it filters out all the dust, pollen and bacteria, making sure only pure fresh air makes its way into the cabin.

The filter itself is a simple, pleated barrier made out of cotton or synthetic paper. All exterior air drawn into your air conditioning system will first come into contact with the filter, which removes all the contaminants before they have a chance to trigger your allergies.

Why do filters need replacing?

The filter performs its job non-stop. Over time, it will become clogged with all the dirt and dust it picks up, so regular replacement is a necessity. If your filter does become clogged, the air quality inside your car will drastically reduce. Replacing your filter is a quick way to solve this problem.

Cabin air filters don’t just keep allergens and dust out of your cabin, they also help to block out harmful gases, such as nitrogen oxides. By purifying the air entering your car, large amounts of concentrated pollution is removed, creating a vastly healthier internal environment for you and your passengers.

Failing to replace the filter can also create a breeding ground for mould — having this blown into your cabin can be dangerous for young children or anyone with respiratory issues.

How can I tell if my filter needs replacing?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to replace your air filter every 15,000-25,000 miles, or annually. You can check your manufacturer’s guidelines to be sure, but if you’ve been driving for a number of years and haven’t thought to replace your filter, then you should have it replaced as soon as possible — you’ll notice the difference when you do.

There are some telltale signs that your filter is in need of replacing. These include:

How can I replace my cabin air filter?

Your air filter is tucked well out of sight and is quite a hassle to remove on a DIY basis. Instead of trying to figure it out yourself, it’s always recommended to leave the job to a professional — they’ll be able to gain access to the filter, remove it, fit a new one and get everything back as it was without any fuss.

If youre suffering from poor air circulation in your car, or want to beat the pollen to the punch this year, get in touch with Treadfirst and arrange to have your cabin air filter replaced. We work on cars of all makes and models, so dont hesitate to get in touch and improve your air quality today.

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