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August 6, 2020What’s The Difference Between a Car Service & an Mot?

For some people, the terms MOT and car servicing can become mixed up, often because they’re advertised together or as part of a package. However, they serve two very different purposes, so let’s take a look at what each is about.


What is an MOT?

Put simply, an MOT is a legal requirement. Carried out annually, your MOT will check that your car is in optimal working order, helping to keep you and other road users safe. Lot’s of elements you may not have considered come up in your MOT, with advisory notices for anything which you may want to consider checking, and failures for anything which needs addressing right away. If your car fails the MOT, you will need to arrange to have work done – this can usually be performed by the same garage or you can take the car away to have the repairs carried out elsewhere in the next 10 days.

From your brakes and your tyres, to your lights, seatbelts and registration plates, it’s a pretty thorough test. It’s important you ensure you have your annual MOT, otherwise, without a valid certificate to say it has passed, you could be faced with a £1000 fine as well as points on your licence.

What is car servicing?

Car servicing is a little different to your MOT, since your local garage will carry out checking and changes in line with the manufacturer guidelines. This still includes things such as your tyres and brakes, but it’s less an inspection and more a chance for mechanics to check everything is running smoothly, replacing things like your oil, filters and possibly your spark plugs.

Car servicing, unlike an MOT, is not a legal requirement but can be integral to how well your car runs. For this reason, there are different scheduling recommendations based on how much you use your vehicle. Some garages will offer one type of servicing only, while others may offer more or less thorough servicing based on your mileage.

  • Treadfirst checks manufacturers guidelines & recommendations so that we can carry out services that won’t affect the warranty.

Other reasons you might opt to have your car serviced are if you’ve noticed a dip in performance or if you have warning lights on your dashboard. 

Should I have a car service and MOT at the same time?

Deciding whether to have an MOT and service at the same time is always down to the individual, but it’s certainly a great opportunity to have everything looked at all at once. Not only are you saving yourself an extra trip to the garage, but you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the best possible condition. 

It’s better to think of the MOT as your legal obligation and the servicing as professional maintenance. This helps you stay legal on the roads, while also improving the lifespan of your car. Get both performed at the same time and you’ll be good to go once again in no time.

To book an MOT or servicing appointment, simply get in touch with your nearest Treadfirst garage today. We’re always happy to book you in and can give you more advice and information on MOTs and the right level of servicing for your car.

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