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What are noise cameras?

Roadside acoustic cameras catch and fine drivers

Sounds crazy but there is such a thing as a noise camera and they are being trialled across the country to help crack down on the problem of cars with illegally loud exhausts and their drivers that rev them.

The Department of Transport has invested £300,000 on the prototype equipment which was tested on a private race track and is now being rolled out in Great Yarmouth, Bristol, Birmingham and Bradford.

Surveillance technology will help the authorities clamp down on illegally modified exhausts;  the acoustic cameras will measure the volume of cars and will take photographs of any vehicle exceeding the limit.  Details of offenders will be sent to the Police who can issue a £50.00 fine.

Cars produced since 2016 must not be louder than 74 decibels and as a standard washing machine is usually  between 74 and 76 decibels that is not very loud.

Noise pollution is reported as contributor to poor health so costs the country billions each year so this looks to be a good investment.


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