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August 28, 2015Tyre Technology

When fitting a new tyre, the process can be a lengthy one that comes as an inconvenience to fleet managers. In fact, it is not only the fitting an entire fleet with tyres that can be a lengthy and fiddly procedure, but also the manufacture of the tyres themselves; something which is even more the case today with the numerous new tyre technologies on offer in today’s market. Here, we explain a little more about the various new trends in tyre technology that have come to light in recent years.

Airless and puncture-resistant tyres

Though not available at present, one upcoming tyre that focuses on the inside of the tyre rather than the material itself, An innovative tyre that plays on the problems experienced by many vehicle owners – that of punctures in their tyres. This solution means vehicle owners need not worry about potential punctures which could put them out of action. Rather than using pressurised air, the Airfree works via vanes inside the tyre which support the tread where other tyres would do so through the presence of pressurised air.

Microchipped tyres

Since a new law came was introduced in November 2012, all new cars that are made must be fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Using a tiny battery and linked to the car by a transmitter, TPMS has worked through using the tyre’s valve as a monitor up until now. Thanks to recent developments, there now exists the technology for a chip-in-tyre microchip positioned within a vehicle’s tyre to pass on information to a database. This information includes data about the tyre’s inflation pressure and temperature, allowing the car to adapt accordingly, giving better performance, safety and overall drive.

Dandelion root tyres

Though, at present, the price of natural rubber is not particularly high, the oil that is used in the production of tyres is far from it. On account of this costly aspect of the conventional tyre production process, the price of the tyres themselves are being used to compensate for this more and more so. There exists, however, new innovation in the potential materials that can be used in the manufacturing of tyres. Natural rubber, a new creation containing dandelion root as well as other materials sourced from the likes of maize and soya plants. Offering a more environmentally friendly option, these tyres are just as high quality and durable according to their primary developers, Continental.

Here at Treadfirst, we have over 25 years’ experience in the tyre industry, providing only the highest quality of tyres to a vast range of vehicles across the country. Whatever the size, make or model of your vehicle, we will be able to supply and install the right tyre to suit your car as well as your individual requirements and budget. For more information on any of the high quality tyres we stock, or for any other enquiry, simply contact us today. Our friendly team of expert technicians will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

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