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August 19, 2014Think before buying new tyres

It is essential when buying new tyres to take into account cost, and purpose. It may also be that different kinds of tyres are required at different times of the year.
So before approaching your tyre dealer, you should take time to evaluate your driving requirements and look at the options that best fit your needs. Once you know what kind of driving you will be doing, your tyre dealer will assist you in making the appropriate choice for your budget and vehicle.
Here is some expert advice to help you along the way:

What To Consider When Choosing Car Tyres

Travelling at High Speeds?

When selecting tyres, you should consider if they will need to perform well at high speeds. Is it important that they are silent and do you need them to work well on both wet and dry surface?

Check the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

A good place to start when choosing tyres for your car is to consult the manufacturer’s guide – there will be tyres recommended that indicate the tyre size and even the manufacturer’s favoured tyre brand.
Car manufacturers usually provide four or five tyre size recommendations for different car models, and, among these, you should choose the tyre size suitable for your driving habits and requirements. When buying winter tyres for example, you will need to decide if friction or studded tyres best suit your needs.

What to Tell Your Tyre Dealer

You need to give a tyre dealer the following information to ensure you get the most appropriate tyres for your car:

  • The car make and model
  • The manufacturer’s size recommendation
  • The type of use and driving that you intend to do
  • Your annual mileage

Read the Reviews!

Buyer’s guides provide good impartial assistance for purchasing tyres. Find out more about the tests undertaken by driving experts as these will help you decide what tyre suits your needs best. Pay attention to the ratings given in the sections of the test that are important to you and don’t be swayed by the overall winner. This way you can assess each tyre on its own individual merit and which will suit your specific requirements.

This way you can assess each tyre on its own individual merit and which will suit your specific requirements.
Remember though, car tyre testing is only a snapshot of the overall performance of the tyre – set in specific situations to demonstrate effectiveness. It cannot illustrate the overall life of the tyre or its reliability in the long term as the testing period is short and the sample is quite small.

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