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The Cheapest Cars to Insure in the UK 2021

For many drivers, their insurance premiums are among the biggest outgoings they’ll spend on their vehicle. This is particularly the case for younger drivers, as insurers are typically more cautious when it comes to less experienced drivers.

Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to treat young people of all driving abilities the same, so you’re likely to be lumped into the same category as your peers, and face higher insurance bills, even if you’re a more slow and steady type rather than a boy racer. 

With this in mind, the costs can soon rack up and it’s always worth looking for ways to keep your insurance fees down. You can do this by selecting a car from insurance Group 1, the lowest insurance group in the country. 

To help with this, the team at Treadfirst has put together a list of the cheapest cars to insure in the UK.

Hyundai i10

If you’re based in a city, then you probably don’t want a car that’s too big or overpowered – especially if you’re going to be spending much of your time behind the wheel in traffic. Therefore, the practicality and minimalist design of the Hyundai i10 is perfect if you’re wanting to opt for something that can help with the basics. 

Over the years the i10 has developed, where it was once purchased purely for its convenience, in 2021 it’s one of the most popular models out there thanks to its cheap insurance price, low running cost and sleek aesthetic.  

Nissan Micra

As efficient as it is affordable, a Nissan Micra comes with a 1.2-litre engine that gives it a good amount of power while still maximising its fuel. Another small vehicle, it’s an ideal first car, particularly as the latest model has bucked the trend with a bold style and upgrades to its interior.    

Vauxhall Corsa

Reliability and cheap insurance often come hand in hand, and there aren’t many cars more dependable than a Vauxhall Corsa. Simplistic mechanics and a spacious interior don’t make it any less enjoyable to drive, and it’s always worth considering if you’re looking for lower insurance.  

Volkswagen Polo

While the Golf is the jewel in German manufacturer’s Volkswagen’s crown, you shouldn’t overlook the Polo if you’re trying to reduce your insurance premiums. One of the best traits of the Polo is its versatility, and it’s the perfect car for a whole host of errands from your weekly shop to weekend road trips. 

Volkswagen Polo | Treadfirst

Other ways to lower insurance

As well as going for a cheaper car to help with your insurance, there are a number of other things you can do if you want lower rates. These include: 

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