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November 19, 2019Stop & Start Batteries

Stop and start technology is becoming extremely popular and you will find a high percentage of cars on the road who have this newly integrated system. Stop and start batteries are being used to reduce the output of CO2 emissions, cut down fuel consumption and lessen the effects transportation has on our environment. Stop and start batteries will also allow your fuel to take you further, so for the ins and outs of these nifty systems, read below!

Stop & Start Batteries: Driving & Accelerating

Before the traffic light turns green, the car’s system will restart the engine, and the battery’s power will supply the necessary parts of the vehicle to get it moving. When the car begins to accelerate, the advanced energy management system then decouples the alternator – which reduces consumption of the car’s fuel. The battery will then supply energy to all electrical devices on its own, until the battery’s charge drops below a predefined lower limit. When this happens, the alternator will be recoupled once again.

Stop & Start Batteries: Braking

Brake energy recuperation is a clever part of stop and start batteries, they turn brake energy back into electrical energy. This recharges the battery, defers C02 emissions and reduces fuel consumption. As stop and start batteries power all electrical devices inside a vehicle, they require a good continual charge to ensure sufficient energy is being distributed throughout the car, which is why this function is so resourceful.

Stop & Start Batteries: Stop & Engine Off

When a driver stops at a red light or sits in traffic, they will take their foot off the clutch and put the gear stick into neutral. When this happens, the stop and start system will  switch off the engine. When the car is stationary, the battery is still supplying to electrical demanding devices, including your air conditioning and radio – so the state of charge falls but recharges when the car begins to accelerate.

Stop & Start Batteries: ECM batteries

Enhanced Cyclic Mat batteries have been created to meet the requirements of an entry-level stop and start vehicle. ECM batteries offer cars better performance, extended battery lives and have the capacity to keep up with additional cyclic demand. In comparison to your standard car battery, ECM batteries can improve your fuel consumption by 6% and lower your emissions by 6% too. ECM batteries can only be replaced by another ECM battery or an AGM battery – typical, lead-acid batteries cannot be used.

Stop & Start Batteries: AGM batteries

Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are made for larger, more advanced vehicles that utilise other technologies to reduce fuel consumption, such as:

  • Gear shift indicators
  • Brake regeneration systems  
  • Energy management systems

AGM batteries can deal with a much higher demand from these fuel saving technologies and can power multiple parts of the car even when it is stationary. AGM batteries provide up to an 8% reduction in COand offer an 8% increase in fuel efficiency. 

Like ECM batteries, AGM must be fitted with the same or a ‘like for like’ battery.

Stop & Start Batteries: Loss of driving comfort

The Battery Management System, also known as BMS, identifies the installation of the wrong battery and will adapt its stop and start system to ensure that the car still starts up. Your comfort functions will not be available to you when you’re stationary.

It is not recommended that you use the incorrect battery, this can massively reduce the service life of a battery and the comfort of your drive.

Stop & Start Batteries infographic



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