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Spare Wheel Kits

My car does not have a spare wheel

According to a recent study by the RAC, only 3% of new cars sold in the UK come with a spare wheel as standard. This is a significant decrease from just a few years ago, when the vast majority of cars were equipped with a spare wheel and many people do not realise that their new car has no spare until they need it!

Car manufacturers justify this saying that they are trying to reduce the weight of their vehicles in order to improve fuel efficiency. Spare wheels can weigh up to 20kg, so removing them can save a significant amount of weight.

Additionally, car manufacturers are trying to reduce cost; the tin of puncture repair foam that they include in the sale is a fraction of the cost of a spare wheel!  The kits can get you out of an emergency situation and are quick and relatively easy to use but the liquid or foam will probably damage your tyre beyond repair.  It’s not just the tyre that will most likely need replacing, most cars have the tyre pressure sensors located directly behind the valve where you insert the sealant so if the foam gets into the sensor you will need a new sensor too!

If you do not have a spare wheel  and you get a puncture that cannot be repaired with a tyre repair kit, you will need to call a breakdown service. This can be inconvenient and expensive, and it may also leave you stranded at the roadside for several hours.

If you are concerned about not having a spare wheel, we can supply a great kit that has everything you need to get you back on the road.  Amongst other things, the kit contains a brace,  a jack, the space saver wheel fitted with a tyre, all contained in a bag

Just to let you know that the wheel kit arrived. I have to tell you that I have never bought such a well thought out kit. The way I would describe it is to say that it’s designed to enable you change a wheel on a country road, at night in the rain with poor illumination, dressed in your best clothes and to do so safely. A well designed piece of kit

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