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Potholes Causing Havoc for Suffolk Drivers

If you’re a regular driver in Suffolk, then you’re probably at the end of your tether trying to avoid the ever growing number of potholes on the roads. It’s been a problem for some time, and more car owners than ever are having to deal with severe damage to their tyres thanks to the consistent lack of repairs.

As part of a recent broadcast of Look East – the BBC’s regional news programme for the East of England – two members of our Treadfirst Diss branch appeared to discuss some of the pothole damage they’ve seen a lot of in recent months.

Potholes in Suffolk

Our Diss branch has seen a significant increase in customers bringing their cars in either to repair pothole damage, or to replace tyres because of potholes. The local roads have definitely gotten worse – mainly due to lack of repair works – and drivers are either having to memorise where potholes are, or drive with incredible caution to avoid damaging their tyres.

As Diss branch garage owner Mick Shaw discusses in the report, the winter months also make it much more hazardous for drivers. Potholes fill up with water and are much harder to spot – particularly in low light. This leads to tyres suffering expensive damage – such as sidewall bulges, splits and wheel damage. Bad cases can even see tyres “completely destroyed” – meaning more drivers have to replace their tyres long before they otherwise would.

Is this issue being handled?

We’ve seen our fair share of frustrated drivers in Diss, and who knows how many more have suffered throughout the Suffolk region. These deep potholes are a serious hazard, and are a present issue that people would sincerely like to be addressed by the council. But is this issue being taken care of?

Suffolk County Council has been inundated with reports on potholes. The influx of reports show an urgent need for extensive repair works to many road surfaces throughout the county.

Suffolk Highways has suffered in recent years with reduced revenue and sweeping changes to its operating structure. This has made it harder to offer the level of repair work needed and it seems now we are seeing the consequences.

However, Suffolk County Council agreed earlier in the year to take out a £21 million loan to allow them to invest more in emergency resurfacing works.

How to report a pothole

The council does have an online centre where drivers can report any potholes they encounter. You can find the tool here – just follow the instructions to log details of a pothole. Doing so ensures the council are aware of the issue, with an eye to having the pothole repaired when resources allow.

Pothole damage repair

We advise all drivers in Diss and the wider Suffolk area to be cautious when driving local roads. Slowing down before hitting a pothole will minimise the damage done to your tyres, so if it’s difficult to avoid large potholes this is the best recourse.

If you do happen to suffer major or minor pothole damage – whether you’re driving through Diss, Norfolk, Suffolk or anywhere in East Anglia – then you can rely on Treadfirst to provide an efficient and professional tyre replacement and repair service.

At Treadfirst, we aim to keep you safe on the road. Our team can help you find brand tyres or new replacement tyres when yours have fallen foul of pothole damage – with same day fitting available. We can also repair punctures or minor damage caused by potholes, so dont hesitate to get in touch if your car has had a nasty run in with a hole-filled road surface.

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