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May 25, 2021New Tyre Labelling System to be Implemented This May

The connection between you and the road, tyres are arguably the most important element of any vehicle. While there is a wide range of commercial tyres on the market, motorists don’t always understand the quality of the tyres they’re buying.  

However, this may soon be changing as the UK implements a new EU tyre labelling system. The system came into force on 1 May and is designed to give customers a better understanding of how their tyres will perform on the road – particularly in wet conditions and when it comes to fuel efficiency. 

In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to know about the new labelling system and how it will impact both customers and tyre fitting businesses across the country. 

Treadfirst - New EU Tyre Labels   

Why is the tyre labelling system being introduced?

Primarily, the purpose of this new labelling system is due to environmental concerns. The EU is aiming to reduce its transport emissions and greenhouse gases by 60% by 2050, and it believes that giving customers more of an insight into the impact different tyres have on the roads and the environment can help with this. 

By making it mandatory for businesses to show motorists the environmental impact of brand tyres and commercial tyres, it is hoped that consumers will opt for the more fuel-efficient choices – which can also be more cost-effective in the long run.    

Beforehand, it was unlikely that customers would ever know the impact their tyres had on the environment, but the new labelling system will put this at the forefront of their minds, enhancing road safety and decreasing noise pollution. 

What will Treadfirst have to do?

As a tyre fitting company, Treadfirst offers a whole host of brand tyres and commercial tyres to our customers. 

The new system means that every time a set of tyres is sold to a customer, Treadfirst will need to make the customer aware of the tyres’ quality and where they feature on the new ranking system. To do this, the Treadfirst team has been sent the new label ratings digitally and will be obliged to show them to customers every time tyres are sold. 

The rating system has been put together by a European database that ranks the quality of every tyre and places them on a universal scale.

How does the new labelling system differ to the old one?     

The old system had seven ratings from A-G, but this has now dropped to five with A being the best and E being the worst. There are also rankings that denote tyre noise and wet grip.

If the tyres are suitable for snow, then an Alpine peaks symbol will be present on the label. Similarly, tyres that are suitable for ice are classed as nordic tyres and come with their own marking. Bus and truck tyres are also covered under the new labelling system. 

If you’re looking for expert tyre fitting services then Treadfirst is here to help. We have a wide range of commercial tyres and brand tyres that you can choose from, and our comprehensive offering also sees us provide a number of servicing and repair services. With branches across East Anglia, contact us today.  

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