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April 23, 2021Michelin Launches its First-Ever Tyre Recycling Plant

Tyre manufacturing giant, Michelin, has announced new plans to launch their first-ever tyre recycling plant. The company will begin construction on the plant later in 2021 and is expected to recycle around 30,000 tons of car tyres per year.

Michelin Recycling Plant - Treadfirst

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Michelin’s plans and how it’ll impact the wider industry.  

How will it work?

Michelin has partnered with Swedish technology firm, Enviro, to construct a recycling plant in the Antofagasta region of Chile. The plant will utilise the latest patented technology to recycle around 60% of the country’s scrapped tyres, resulting in a more sustainable approach to how these materials are used.  

The plant is expected to open in 2023 and thanks to the technology provided by Enviro, high-quality reusable materials such as carbon black, oil, steel and gas can be extracted from old tyres and reused in a way like never before. 

It is expected that 90% of the recycled materials will be used to create a whole host of rubber-based products such as conveyor belts, anti-vibration products and even more car tyres. The remaining 10% will go toward powering the plant, increasing the entire operation’s sustainability.          

What will it include? 

As well as providing a place where degenerated car tyres can be efficiently recycled, Michelin will offer a comprehensive service encapsulating recovery and recyclability. Employees of the plant will directly collect the old tyres from premises around the region, transporting them to the recycling plant and beginning the process.   

Upon arrival at the recycling centre, the tyres will be shredded into strips with the strips then inserted into machinery which will be transformed into the relevant reusable materials.   

With the world now a lot more conscious when it comes to sustainability, Michelin believes this latest investment (around $30 million) reinforces its dedication to being more environmentally friendly. Tyres can cause irreversible damage at landfill due to the release of harmful methane gas, so recycling them is far better for the planet.      

A company with the status of Michelin investing such a significant amount of money into a project like this is likely to see others in the industry follow suit, and it will be interesting to see how other companies respond. 

How can Treadfirst help with your tyres?

  • “Treadfirst ensures that all the tyres we put to waste are environmentally disposed of and that we are always re-evaluating our environmental policy to look for new ways to recycle our products”.

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