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Keep your tyres in good health with these simple checks

Your car tyres are the only part of your vehicle that are in constant contact with the road. It is for this reason that all tyres suffer wear and tear and all will need replacing after time. However, did you know that there are some simple ways to help make your tyres last that little bit longer? Here are some top tips from Treadfirst on what to look out for.

Tyre Pressure

Always ensure your tyres are running at the correct pressure. An underinflated car tyre flexes more, runs hotter and so will wear out faster than a correctly inflated one. Under inflation also increases the amount of fuel you use, by creating additional tyre drag. Over inflation causes different wear patterns on the structure of the tyre, reducing grip and making it unfit for use.

Wheel Alignment

Correctly aligned wheels (also called wheel tracking, or balancing) ensures that the tyres run ‘true’ on the road. You will know when the wheels need checking because you may experience steering wheel vibration. This is caused by a change in the balance that exists between the car tyres drag and the amount of compliance in the cars suspension. Incorrect alignment increases wear and tear.
Wheel tracking can be easily corrected and can affect your front and rear wheels.


High-speed driving accelerates car tyre wear. If you frequently drive on motorways your tyres – whatever the brand – will need replacing more frequently.

Driving Style

Aggressive driving doesn’t just increase your own stress level, but increases the stress your tyres are under too! A more forceful driving style will raise car tyre flexing and be running at hotter temperatures, so you’ll pay for it by having to replace your car tyres sooner. If you drive in a more sympathetic way (i.e. slower) then your car tyres will last longer.

Vehicle Overloading & Weight

It seems an obvious thing to say but heavier vehicles wear out car tyres faster than lighter ones. There are, of course, heavier duty car tyres to compensate for this for vehicles used for regular haulage. However, wear and tear on domestic vehicles is also impacted upon by the loads you carry around on a daily basis. For example; do you still need your roof box in place even when you’re not going on holiday? And does your boot need to be filled with junk?

Car Tyre Type

Car tyres are constructed to meet particular needs. A performance tyre will give superior grip but will wear out sooner, as it has a softer rubber compound. Conversely, a harder, long life tyre will offer a longer life, at the cost of lesser grip and increased noise.
Find out more about Tread First’s tyre ranges and see what’s best for your vehicle.

General Aging

This is the one aspect of tyre life that can’t be avoided. For example; chemical spills on the road or exposure to ultraviolet light causes the rubber in your tyres to degrade. However, if you have a garage, use it! A car that is kept in a garage overnight will be protected from extreme weather and this will improve the car tyre life.
As we have highlighted here, there are a number of factors that contribute to tyre wear and tear. Getting into the habit of checking your tyres regularly is your responsibility and also driving in a way that considers other road users will assist in maintaining your tyre performance.

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