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How to Find and Read Rubber Track Sizes

Before you start searching for new or replacement agricultural rubber tracks, you should make sure you know exactly what size tracks you already have fitted. If you’ve never had to take these measurements before, you’ll be glad to know it’s pretty simple to do. Just follow the steps on our handy guide below.

How to find & read rubber track sizes infographic

What info do I need?

To ensure you find the right tracks for your machine, you’ll need to note the following information:

Step 1 – Look for markings

Before you get the tape measure out, inspect the tracks to see if you can find the measurements printed on the rubber. If they are, this will give you all of the measurements you need! They should be displayed as: width X pitch X gauge size X number of links

Step 2 – Measure the width

No printed measurements? No worries. Time to get manual. Simply place your tape measure across the top of the track, measuring the width from one side to the other in mm.

Step 3 – Measure the pitch

‘The pitch’ measures the distance from the centre of one link to the next. Take this measurement in mm.

Step 4 – Count the number of links around the track

You need to count how many links (also called lugs) are on the tracks. Start by marking one link, then counting all the way around the track until you have your total.

Step 5 – Measure the guide system

It will also help to take measurements for the guide system — the inside line of the track which runs along the rubber. You’ll need three measurements:

Step 6 – Check your roller type

Check whether your roller type is an outer or an inner — as demonstrated in the image here.

With all of these steps complete, youll have all you need to find the right replacement tracks for your agricultural vehicle. The next step is getting in touch with Treadfirst; we supply and fit rubber tracks for agricultural vehicles of all makes and models, so give us a call and let us know what you need.

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