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How To Buy The Right Tractor Tyres

Purchasing a new set of tractor tyres is not something that should be taken lightly. Tractor tyres are much more costly than car tyres, and as they are not for recreational use, you need to ensure they’re reliable and long-lasting. There are several factors to take into account when buying tractor tyres to ensure they are the best ones for your vehicle, which is why we have put together the list below, so you can be confident in your next purchase. 


There are three main types of tyre which you will be choosing between, turf, industrial and agricultural. The type you choose will be determined by what you use the tractor for, turf tyres are predominantly used for mowing grass, industrial tyres are used in construction and agricultural tyres are designed for fields and farms. Agricultural tyres are wider and have a deeper tread, which makes them ideal for a muddy field. Turf tyres have minimal traction, which means they can be used on soft surfaces like grass and sand, without disturbing the ground. Industrial tyres balance traction with road performance, and can carry very heavy loads. 


It is important to take ground compaction into consideration when choosing your tyres, especially for an agricultural tractor. A good quality agricultural tyre can carry heavy loads while still exerting minimal pressure onto the ground, this is ideal as you will want to avoid creating ruts in the soil in your field. You can figure out how much your tyres will compact the earth by checking the pressure of the tyre. The higher the tyre pressure, the greater the pressure on the soil. 


Tractor Test drive illustration

It is imperative to install tyres which have enough traction to stop the tractor sliding and slipping around. With such a large vehicle it’s dangerous to lose control in mud or on wet roads, so make sure you check the tyres have enough tread bars – this’ll give your tractor satisfactory grip and ensure a smooth ride. 


The ‘bead’ is the edge of the tyre which sits on the wheel and if you make sure it is durable then it won’t break easily, when faced with large amounts of pressure. Most of the time you will be able to choose a tyre which has a reinforced bead and this will ensure your tyre is tough and durable.


When choosing the size of your tractor tyres it does depend on what you are using the tractor for. Mostly, especially with agricultural tyres, the best choice is to buy the largest possible, as these will increase efficiency and reduce ground compaction. If possible, buying dual tyres can mean there is a better load carrying capacity as well. 


As every tyre type will be different, one of the best ways to maintain your tyres is to check the manual or ask the manufacturer how to look after them. However, there are a few general things to check with every type of tyre. The first thing to look at is the PSI, this is to make sure your tyres aren’t over or under-inflated, as this can damage the tyre. Also ensure you don’t exceed the maximum speed and don’t overload the tractor. Cleaning your tyres is important as well because you’ll be able to spot leaks and damage much more easily. Taking proper care of your tractor tyres will mean they have a longer life span and this will save you cash, as you won’t need to buy another set as often. 

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If you need a set of tractor tyres, Treadfirst Tyre & Exhaust are the best choice. We are a premier provider of tractor tyres and perform tractor tyre fittings either at your farm or in our purpose-built tyre centres. To learn more about our services don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email today. 

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