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February 1, 2019How Often Should You Service Your Car?

Every car is different, and is treated differently by its driver. But one thing remains the same no matter the make, model or age of your vehicle: the need for regular servicing and maintenance.

Servicing your car on a routine basis is the best way to ensure its long-term health — and to identify issues before they develop into major ones. In this article, we’ll take a look at the recommended intervals between services, as well as some additional checks you can carry out yourself between each service.

When do manufacturers recommend a service?

Most manufacturers recommend having a full service every twelve months or after a certain mileage has been reached— the recommended mileage can change depending on manufacturer, so make sure to check their guidelines.

You should look at this as the bare minimum requirements to keep your car in good shape, however, there are some other types of services you should think about at more regular intervals.

Different types of service

There are three main types of servicing options to choose from here at Treadfirst, each one more thorough than the last. These are:

  • Bronze — A basic service which includes an oil change.
  • Silver — Most beneficial for high mileage vehicles, this service includes basic maintenance checks on your tyres, steering, oil levels and suspension. If needed, interim services should be carried out roughly every six months.
  • Gold — Recommended annually, a full gold service includes a thorough examination of over 70 components, checking for wear and tear, damage and signs of more problematic issues at risk of developing.

What checks should I do between services?

Having a reputable engineer service your car each year should prevent any nasty, or expensive, surprises from occurring, but there are some extra checks you can do to keep everything running smoothly. In between your regular services, you can spend a little bit of time taking a look at the following:

  • Screenwash — make sure this is topped up and working as it should
  • Tyres — every couple of weeks, check that that your tyre pressure is as it should be, and also inspect the tread depth to make sure it is within legal requirement
  • Oil — every week, check your engine oil level by using the dipstick
  • Lights — every week, and before long journeys, do a routine check that all your lights are operating properly
  • Bodywork and windscreen — make sure to keep an eye out for any signs of damage on the bodywork, or chips and cracks on the windscreen. Windscreen damage should be repaired as soon as possible.

For oil changes and general maintenance, you can always book your car in for a maintenance check, in addition to regular servicing.

Being disciplined with vehicle maintenance is an important skill, and one that will keep your car, yourself, your family and other road users safe.

At Treadfirst, we provide firstclass servicing and repairs for cars of all makes, models and ages. At our service centres in Saffron Walden, Sudbury and Stowmarket, youll find dedicated professionals ready to perform comprehensive servicing to keep your car in prime condition. To book your vehicle in with us, contact the Treadfirst team today.

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