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October 24, 2019Gate Block Lets Tractors in but Keeps Fly-Tippers Out

Being a victim of fly-tipping is annoying unsightly and certainly the last thing you want to be dealing with. This is why Treadfirst have put together an article on how to avoid fly-tippers and which methods you can put in place to prevent it from ever happening. 

What is fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is the act of discarding liquids and/or solid waste on land and/or water. 

Is fly-tipping illegal?

Yes, fly-tipping is illegal. It can bring down the reputation of an area, entice pests and spread disease. Fly-tipping can include any type of waste, including general household to hazardous items and chemicals, which could have a serious effect on the environment, pets and humans who come into contact with it. 

How can I stop fly-tippers from illegally disposing of waste on my farm?

If you are a victim of fly-tipping there are several things you can do, including:

  • Report it – regardless of whether it’s on public or private land
    (Take photographs and speak with neighbours to see if they have witnessed any of this unlawful activity)
  • Get a gate block – they allow tractors in but keeps fly-tippers out
  • Re-landscape and improve visibility – so that there are no hidden corners where fly-tippers may be tempted to dump their waste
  • Install motion sensor flood lighting – this will turn on and put fly-tippers in a spotlight should they attempt to return with more waste
  • Install CCTV in a visible place – fly-tippers will look around an area first. If they see a camera, the chances of them getting caught increases and it’s unlikely that they will proceed

What is a gate block and how does it work?

On Farmers Weekly, Northumberland farmer, John Goodfellow, had admitted to creating a clever concrete gate block invention called the ‘Poacher Block’ in order to put a stop to fly-tippers and unwanted guests. His invention allows agricultural machinery to enter and exit freely but does not allow normal cars or 4x4s to pass – thanks to the sheer size of the 4 metres wide and 1ft tall concrete structure.

This block is placed in the very front of his land and makes for quick and easy access for his tractors and sprayers but puts a stop to the headache of trespassers. This concrete frame can be lifted into place easily by a telehandler or towed, and left all year round to protect the farm.

Managing your farm/site to prevent fly-tippers

Unfortunately, large areas of land are attractive to fly-tippers because it means they’re likely to get away with dumping waste and avoid paying disposal fees. That’s why it’s good to regularly maintain your land by:

  • Keeping areas tidy 
  • Removing fly-tipped waste before others get the same idea
  • Check on deliveries and make sure it’s what you’ve been expecting

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