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April 20, 2015Five amazing bits of car technology we take for granted

With cars becoming more and more state-of-the-art and continual developments being made in the automotive industry, amazing new pieces of car technology are being made and installed into new vehicles every day. We must not forget, however, the existing technologies that we have in our cars that we may well be taking for granted; technologies which make driving safer, easier or simply more pleasant. Here are five examples of impressive pieces of technology in our cars which we should not forget about:

Parking sensors

Parking sensors are an aspect of modern cars which provides crucial assistance in the often difficult task of parking. Though not available on older models, parking sensors are a fairly standard addition in many modern makes of car, making for the ease of manoeuvre for each driver out there trying to squeeze their car into a tight or tricky parking space.

Electric cars

The electric car itself has been existent for around 100 years; though the recent invention of plug-in cars in the UK has surged in popularity. Considering however the more rudimentary form of the electric car, electrics systems in cars have been providing a technology that is indispensable to much of society today, allowing for all manner of functions which were not previously available with mechanical vehicles.


Lights are, of course, a vital safety aspect of cars which we could not do without. For night-time driving, or driving in conditions such as fog, heavy rain or snow, lights are crucial to allow other road-users to be aware of the other vehicles on the road.


Similarly to lights, airbags provide indispensable safety measures for the drivers of any vehicle. Blowing up to form a protective balloon to cushion any impacts upon serious collisions with surfaces, the airbag is a fixture which – though often forgotten about in day-to-day driving – provides drivers with peace of mind and, indeed, a seriously important safety measure.

Air conditioning

Driving any great distance in hot weather can not only be unpleasant, but can lead to drivers becoming drowsy at the wheel, which is why air conditioning is more than just a pleasantry; rather, a necessity. With the vast majority of modern cars containing air conditioning, it is a factor of modern-day driving that is often taken for granted, but which comes into its own on hot summer days as drivers sit in traffic jams.

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