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February 8, 2021Filming with Michelle Westby at Santa Pod

Former stunt car driver for Fast and Furious Live, Michelle Westby, well-known for her aggressive but controlled drifts, met up with the team at Treadfirst and Marketing Agency, Adtrak, at Santa Pod Raceway, so we could get to know the real woman behind such impressive motorsport career – and to see her talents in action!
Filming with Michelle Westby at Santa Pod 2

A little history

Westby’s obsession started at a very young age. From model cars to scale electrics, she couldn’t wait to hit the tarmac the minute she was old enough to get on the road. Westby’s first car was an MR2 – a very back-end heavy vehicle, a difficult first car to drive – especially as a first car, which taught her rear-wheel driving discipline quickly in her teens.  

This only fuelled her passion more and since Westby has performed drifting stunts in the Ben Collins DVD, stood on the podium at the Drift Cup and has been featured numerous times in publications such as Total Nissan, Max Power, Fast Car, Super Charge,  The Guardian, The Sun and The Daily Star.

Filming day: I am a Drift Racer – Michelle Westby

At 6 am, the team was showered, clothed and out on the road in the dark and pouring rain to Santa Pod for a nice early shoot. On arrival, the surrounding area was pooling with rainwater, so the interview took precedent whilst we waited for the surface to dry before watching Westby take to the tracks.

In the interview, we asked Michelle Westby to tell us a little bit about herself, including where her passion for driving and drifting comes from, her personal interests including her charity work and wishes for her future achievements. So to find out more and to see Westby’s wild but controlled drifting – press play now!

Answers to the quick-fire round:

  • If you could only own one car forever, what would it be? Nissan S14A 
  • Is there anyone in the automotive industry that you haven’t met that you’d like to? Ken Block
  • Automotive Presenters: Vikki Butler Henderson, Suzi Perry or Jodie Kidd
  • Automotive Presenters: Jay Leno or Jeremy Clarkson  
  • Type of Car: Classic Cars or Concept Cars
  • Type of Car: Ferrari or Lamborghini
  • Which Car Show: Top Gear or 5th Gear
  • Style of Racing: Drifting or Racing
  • Type of Engine: Electric or Petrol
  • All Wheels for Speed or RW for Drift: 4wd or 2wd
  • Preferred Gearshift: Manual or Automatic
  • Roads to Drive: UK Roads or European Roads
  • Type of Racing: RallyCross or Formula 1
  • Which Manufacturer: Nissan or Toyota
  • Which Manufacturer: BMW or Audi

Final thoughts of the day

We left Santa Pod with the smell of burnt rubber under our noses, the deafening screech of tyres in our ears and a sense of achievement after watching Michelle Westby conquer every corner of the track with effortless drift and superior control.

A Great Day for all involved. Thanks Again to Santa Pod Raceway & Michelle x

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