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Do I need to service my electric car?

A guide to EV servicing

Electric vehicles (EVs) do require servicing, although sometimes less often than traditional petrol or diesel cars. This is because electric cars have fewer moving parts, particularly those involving combustion engines. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect with EV servicing:

Frequency: While there are fewer moving parts, EVs still experience wear and tear. It’s recommended to service your EV following the manufacturer’s servicing schedule, which is usually similar to a traditional petrol or diesel car (often annually).

What’s involved: An EV service will likely focus on the following:

  • Battery health check: Technicians will assess the condition of the battery pack, a crucial component in range and overall performance.
  • Tyre checks and rotations: Tyre wear can be different on EVs due to regenerative braking and the increased weight of the vehicle. Regular checks, and sometimes rotations, are important to maximise tyre life.
  • Brake checks and fluid changes: Although EVs rely less on brakes than traditional cars, they still require inspection and maintenance. Brake fluid changes may also be needed.
  • Cabin air filter replacement: Similar to petrol and diesel cars, these filters keep the interior air clean and should be replaced periodically.
  • Software updates: Manufacturers may issue software updates to improve performance or fix bugs. Servicing may include installing these updates.


Where to get servicing: Not all mechanics are familiar with EVs but our technicians are fully trained in working on EV’s and we offer electric vehicle servicing alongside traditional car and hybrid servicing.

Overall, electric car servicing is important to maintain optimal performance, battery health, and safety. Consulting your owner’s manual and discussing a service plan with us will ensure your EV runs smoothly for years to come.

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