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Declaration Of Exemption From MOT

If your car is 40 years old or older and hasn’t undergone substantial modifications in the last three decades – it’s likely you’ll be exempt from MOTs – but what else do you need to know?

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At Treadfirst, we strive to ensure our clients obtain the very best deals on offer and there’s no exception when it comes to insuring, maintaining or driving. This is why, this month, we’re here to discuss the declaration of exemption from MOT – so you can wrap your head around the rules and understand what you need to do next if your car is classed as exempt.

How old does a car need to be, to be exempt from MOT?

The Department for Transport declared that cars 40 years or over do not require an annual MOT.

Are there any exceptions from this 40-year MOT exemption rule?

MOT exemptions for classic cars don’t apply to every single vehicle. Ones that have had significant changes in the last 30 years are likely to require tests to check if they’re still roadworthy. 

‘Significant changes’ to a classic car include:

Be sure to check your car owner documentation first to see detailed guidance on this before considering your car exempt from MOT.

Are there certain types of cars which meet the MOT exemptions?
All era-defining models are legally known as ‘fit for the road’ include: Escort (Mk I) and Granada, Fiat X1/9, Ford’s Capri (Mk I and Mk II), Triumph Stag, MGB and the Vauxhall Viva.

Does the MOT exemption apply to other types of vehicles?
MOT exemption is not limited to just classic cars; it does apply to vans and motorbikes that are over 40 years old (which again, haven’t been heavily altered).

What vehicles are not exempt from MOTs?
Trucks, lorries and similar large vehicles must have an annual MOT. MOTs are also a must for kit cars and self-built vehicles.

What do I do if my car is MOT exempt?
Before you can resign yourself from your annual MOT test, you will need to go through the DVLA ‘historic vehicle registration’ procedures before you are able to declare your vehicle as MOT exempt.

The vehicle owner must complete a V1112 form and take this to your local Post Office that sorts vehicle tax.   

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