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May 31, 2019Continental Tyres Dominate All Season Tyre Test

Auto Express — the UK’s best-selling weekly car magazine — has named three tyres from Continental as the best tyres for summer, winter and season conditions. With this clean sweep of tyre test awards, Continental has become the very first manufacturer to win all three categories in a single year. And, to make the feat even more impressive, the AllSeasonContact — which took home the all-season award — is Continental’s first all-season tyre for Europe.

The tyre test

The tyre test examines the performance of a range of tyres in wet, dry and snowy conditions. The goal of the tests is to inform consumers of the best tyre for each category, and Continental Tyres has hit a home run. The AllSeasonContact took the all-weather podium, while the PremiumContact and WinterContact won the summer and winter awards respectively.

For each category, the Continental entrants were deemed best in class in terms of handling, grip and safety performance. The manufacturing expertise that Continental is known for was clearly on show, and their first foray into all-season tyres has proved a major success. Let’s take a look at this award-winning tyre in more detail.

The AllSeasonContact

At the heart of the AllSeasonContact tyre’s success is the perfect blend of characteristics from their premium summer and winter range. The AllSeasonContact is perfect for the UK’s winter climate, but brings in essential elements from their summer and winter tyres to ensure performance is never compromised as the seasons change.

The challenge of designing a safe all-weather tyre is ensuring that it can perform a multitude of duties to high standards. The tread design of the AllSeasonContact takes this into account by maintaining high aquaplaning resistance in the snow and wet, while keeping braking distance short in dry conditions.

Tyre tech

Three Continental AllSeasonContact Tyres

Grip is an essential factor for all-season tyres. If you’re a driver who prefers sticking to one set of tyres all year round, then you need to be confident that they will provide the best possible performance once the weather turns. How can an all-weather tyre provide strong, reliable grip in the snow but still perform well on hot tarmac? Continental has answered that question by implementing technology from their WinterContact TS 860 tyre to cover the grip requirements.

Finding the balance to maintain performance and safety in any weather is a difficult task. But Continental has risen to that task in impressive form, giving UK drivers three outstanding tyre choices for the year ahead.

Treadfirst supply and fit a range of quality tyres to suit cars of all makes and models across East Anglia. If youre interested in a set of awardwinning Continental tyres to see your car through all kinds of weather, just get in touch with our team today and we will find the right set for you.

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