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May 14, 2019Common MOT Fails & How to Avoid Them?

Failing your MOT can feel like a hammer blow — and it’s even worse when the reason for failure could have been easily avoided. Many cars fail their MOT for similar reasons, and simply being aware of these can help you avoid them from ever becoming an issue.

Female engineer completing car diagnostics

Check out our handy infographic to learn more about common MOT fails and how you can avoid them.

Problem – Damaged/worn tyres

How to avoid – Perform regular visual checks, keeping an eye out for uneven wear or obvious bulges, cracks or splits. Check your tread depth to make sure it’s above the legal minimum of 1.6mm — although we definitely recommend getting new tyres before this point.

Problem Damaged windscreen

How to avoid – Get even minor chips in your windscreen repaired as soon as possible. Small chips can quickly transform into full, screen-spanning cracks, which presents a serious safety hazard. Any chip/crack larger than 10mm in the driver’s immediate view will lead to a failure, so have any damage repaired immediately.

Problem – Broken, worn or damaged brakes

How to avoid – Any issues with your brakes should be inspected straight away. Some telltale signs of brake trouble include:

Also carry out a visual inspection of your brake pad to see if it’s been worn down, or better yet, book your car in for regular servicing and have your brakes looked at by the professionals.

Problem – Broken or inoperable lights

How to avoid – Regularly check that all your lights and signals are working as they should — and repair any broken lights immediately. If the root of the issue lies with your electrics, then have these inspected by a professional. It will also help if you clean the external casing of your lights, to make sure they’re operating at maximum effect.

Problem – Faulty or damaged suspension

How to avoid – Often damaged by unseen potholes, suspension damage can put great strain on your tyres and make your car more unpredictable to drive. If you hear a loud ‘clunk’ or snap, or notice that the body of your car looks lower on one side, you should have your suspension checked by a professional.

While driving, avoid potholes, take speed bumps slowly, and get your car serviced regularly to ensure your suspension stays in top condition.

Other things to look out for

There are some other surprisingly common (and easy-to-fix) issues that can lead to an MOT failure, including:

  • Clutter – clean out your car — including the boot, glove compartment and cabin — and remove any rubbish or unnecessary clutter.
  • Dirty/hard to read registration plates – give your reg plates a thorough clean if they’re caked in mud from those off-road treks. They need to be clearly visible at all times while you’re on the road.
  • Empty screen wash –  

What’s the best way to avoid an MOT failure?

Easy, book your car in for regular servicing. It really is as simple as that. By having a professional engineer cast their eye over your car on a regular basis, even the most minor of issues can be identified and fixed long before they become truly dangerous. Keep up with your manufacturer’s guidelines and your car should be in MOT-ready condition each and every time.

Treadfirst Tyres & Exhaust - Common MOT Fails and How to Avoid Them Infographic

At Treadfirst, we carry out comprehensive MOTs for Class IV and Class VII vehicles. We also perform indepth car servicing to ensure your vehicle stays at its best for years to come. To book your car in with us, simply give our friendly team a call or use our contact form today.

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