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June 29, 2021Cars To Be Banned In Edinburgh Due To Low Emissions Zone

Edinburgh has made a bold step to improve the Scottish capital’s carbon footprint by announcing a new scheme that will ban certain petrol and diesel cars from the city.

While the UK as a whole has pledged to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, Edinburgh City Council has made the decision to go even further with the opening of a new Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Cars To Be Banned In Edinburgh

Opening in 2022, any diesel cars that do not meet ‘Euro 6’ standards, or petrol cars that do not meet ‘Euro 4’ standards will be banned from driving in Edinburgh. This means diesel cars that were made earlier than 2015 and petrol vehicles that pre-date 2006, will no longer be allowed on the city’s roads and any motorist who defies the ban could be faced with a hefty fine.

On 17 June, city council members approved the proposals in a vote and they’ll formally begin early next year. HGVs and buses will also be included in the ban.

Current estimates suggest that around 16,000 cars in Edinburgh will be affected by the new rule.

What Happens Next?

While the ban begins early next year, the council will not begin fining motorists straight away. Instead, a grace period of two years will take place which will give people the opportunity to phase out their old vehicles to ones that comply with the new LEZ. 

  • Starting in 2024, initial fines of £60 will be presented to drivers who break these rules and they’ll continually double for every transgression over a 90 day period. For cars, these fines will go up to a maximum of £420, while it’ll be £900 for HGVs.

Edinburgh is the first Scottish city to implement such an innovative scheme and it’s hoped that if it’s successful, and there is an increase in air quality and decrease in pollution, other cities will follow suit.

Is This Different To The Petrol and Diesel Ban?

Edinburgh’s decision to ban certain vehicles from the city has nothing to do with the UK government’s plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2030. 

This ambitious plan, which will also ban the sale of hybrid cars from 2035, will still go ahead and the LEZ is just an additional measure by Edinburgh County Council to try and curb emissions from the city. 

From 2030 onwards, only electric cars will be allowed to be sold in the UK as part of the country’s 10-point plan to reduce carbon emissions. Other elements of the plan include promoting cleaner energy sources, making homes and public buildings more environmentally friendly and making public transport and cycling more accessible and appealing.  

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