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July 20, 2021Bugatti & Rimac: The Future of Electric Hypercars

Two of the world’s most iconic car brands have joined forces in an exciting new venture that’s sure to take the industry by storm. 

Supercar trailblazers, Bugatti, and leaders in electric vehicles, Rimac, have announced that they’ll be teaming up in order to share ideas, develop new technologies and revolutionise the future of electric hypercars. 

Bugatti & Rimac The Future of Electric Hypercars

This new deal will see Rimac take control of Bugatti, as the two famous brands merge together in what looks set to be one of the biggest partnerships the automotive industry has ever seen. The Croatian start-up, which was founded by Mate Rimac in 2009, will own 55% of Bugatti Rimac while the remaining 45% will be handed to existing Rimac investors and legendary German manufacturers, Porsche

While Rimac will now be in control of the new company, both brands will continue to work on individual projects, as well as regularly coming together to pool their knowledge to create new products and advance future technologies.  

This means we’ll still see Bugatti build the likes of the Chiron, and Rimac will continue building electric cars such as the Nevera

How did this deal come about?

This deal has actually been a long time in the making with discussions between the two brands ongoing for the last two years. 

Negotiations formally came about when the Volkswagen Group (who previously owned the rights to Bugatti) approached Rimac for help in developing the hybrid version of the Chiron. Instead, Rimac created an entirely new hybrid hypercar that featured a naturally aspirated engine at a fraction of the cost of developing the previous version.  

This project sparked a new relationship between the two brands, sowing the seeds for the merger we see today. 

Another significant aspect of the deal is that Bugatti has changed its focus in recent years. In years gone by the luxury brand concentrated on exactly that, producing luxury supercars that would sell in the hundreds to a very specific market. Instead, Bugatti has slowly been redirecting its vast resources to the future of the automotive industry, electric cars, digitalisation and autonomous vehicles.   

By hopping on board with arguably the world’s fastest-growing and exciting electric car brand, it puts Bugatti in an incredibly strong position to fulfil its ambitions in this area.  

Perhaps the biggest stumbling block that needed to be overcome in this merger was convincing the Piech family, who shared 50% of the Bugatti brand with Volkswagen prior to this merger. It’s well documented that before his death in 2019, Ferdinand Piech was opposed to any sale of his beloved Bugatti brand. 

But due to Porsche’s involvement in the move, it meant the other family members were convinced that it was the right move to make. 

What’s next for Bugatti Rimac?   

Don’t expect any significant changes for a while. Both brands will continue to operate independently and will remain individually built and badged, but all future Bugattis will start to make use of Rimac’s high-performance electric drivetrains.

Two brand-new Bugatti models, completely engineered by Rimac technology, are also expected to be on the market by 2030 including the brand’s first-ever complete EV. 

In 2023 a brand new headquarters will be opened in Croatia, where Bugatti Rimac will operate from and Porsche are also set to reap the rewards from the merger. They have already begun their journey to electric cars with their Boxster and Cayman models going plug-in from 2023 and 2024. 

Rimac’s Nevera is also going to provide the genetic code for the 918 replacement, and in 2028 it looks a certainty that Porsche will release a fully electric supercar which is currently being referred to as Project 998.

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