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Budget Tyres vs Performance Tyres

Buying tyres for your car is a decision you never want to take lightly, but knowing exactly what kind of tyre is best for you can be tricky. A common debate is whether or not there’s much of a difference between budget tyres and more expensive premium tyres.

Does going cheaper leave you worse off? Or are the advantages of each too close to call? In this article, we find out.

Budget Tyres

The lower price point of budget tyres is the main attraction for many budget-conscious motorists. When old tyres become worn or damaged, and need replacing, shelling out for a set of premium tyres might be unrealistic for many, so they opt for a budget set instead.

But does budget mean bad? Budget tyres from a reputable supplier will have undergone the necessary tests and checks to ensure they are safe for the road – they wouldn’t be sold otherwise. Many premium tyre manufacturers will offer budget variations to offer drivers a smooth, reliable and safe ride at a fraction of the price of their top-of-the-range products.

But while safety is ensured, the real difference comes from the performance.

Premium Tyres

Premium branded tyres come from some of the industry’s most decorated manufacturers. They are developed to be the cutting edge of tyre technology, and are often designed with high-performance vehicles in mind.

The standards for premium tyres are constantly rising. Regular research and development practices are devoted to making high-performance tyres that are safer, perform better in a variety of conditions, and more efficient than previous versions.

Many aspects are rigorously tested and iterated on. From the type of rubber used and the tread pattern implemented, to how the tyres perform in the wet, how stable they are when steering tight corners, and their effective braking distance. Premium tyres are developed around the idea of achieving the very best driving experience possible.

Will this difference affect me?

The salient point is how you drive. Do you live in a busy city where you typically drive shorter distances at slower speeds? If so, spending more on premium tyres will likely bring you diminishing returns. You won’t feel much of a difference between budget and performance tyres unless you’re driving longer distances at higher speeds.

Premium tyres do typically behave better in the wet – especially when it comes to braking and reducing aquaplaning. If these are important to you, or figure into your typical driving experience, then it might be worth investing in premium tyres over budgets.

Long term

The long term value and health of your tyres should always factor into your decision. Generally, you can look to premium tyres as longer lasting and more resistant to wear – due to the types of rubber used in their construction. This might prove more cost-effective in the long term, as it means less money spent on replacements and repair.

However, depending on your driving style and how you look after your tyres, even budget tyres can last perfectly fine for years at a time. Proper tyre care and maintenance is an important part of car safety, and you might find premium tyres wearing faster than you expected if you’re not doing your part.

Many premium tyres will appeal to different kinds of cars, driving styles and lifestyles, while budget tyres are more of a catch-all. If you’re unsure of the benefits of a certain kind of tyre, or a certain manufacturer or product, then you can always contact a trustworthy tyre supplier for some useful advice.

Treadfirst are proud to be a leading supplier of quality tyres to suit all budgets. Not only can we help you find the most suitable tyres for your vehicle, but we can also fit your tyres for you. We ensure your tyres are installed to full manufacturer’s guidelines, bringing the highest level of safety and performance to your vehicle. To find out more about the range of tyres we supplyincluding our performance tyres from leading brands contact us today.

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