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A Guide to Air-con Regassing

Your car’s air-con is an unsung hero, keeping you cool in the stifling heat during those long summer drives. You might not pay your air-con much attention, but if it breaks or suddenly stops functioning, you’ll notice right away.
Air con switches inside a Mercedes

Air-con needs to be regularly maintained for it to work efficiently over long periods of time, and regassing is a key part of this. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at air-con regassing so you’ll know exactly what to do when that cool air stops blowing.

What is air-con regassing?

Think of regassing as a top up, a recharge of your vehicle’s air-conditioning system. Your air-con uses a reserve of refrigerant to convert the warm air inside your car into cooler, dryer air. The refrigerant works in conjunction with the air-con condenser, converting the air before channelling it back out into the car. When the refrigerant runs out, it needs to be replaced with a fresh batch, and that’s what is known as regassing.

Regassing is a simple process, and one that you should look into if you notice an issue with your air-con. Often, a quick refrigerant replacement is all you need to get things back to full working order.

How do I know if my air-con needs regassing?

The most obvious sign that your air-con needs regassing is that the air it pumps out is not as cool as it used to be — or it feels the same as when the air-con is turned off. You’ll notice pretty quickly if the air coming through the vents has changed temperature, and if it’s been a long time since it was last topped up — or if you’ve never had it regassed before — then this is the most likely issue.

Can I regas my air-con myself?

While you can perform this task on your own, it’s always recommended to bring your car in so a professional can do it for you. This is because of a number of reasons, including:

How often should my air-con be serviced?

Many drivers will simply wait until the air-con has stopped working before they have it serviced and brought back to the operating standards outlined by the manufacturer. But to prevent any frustration, it’s recommended to have your air-con checked every two years — though this may change between manufacturers.

If your air-con has been soldiering on without any attention for a while, it might be time to bring it in for a professional once-over, otherwise, who knows how long that fresh, cool breeze will last?

At Treadfirst, were happy to help you resolve any issue you might have with your airconditioning system. Our friendly team will examine the issue at hand and will perform repairs in a timely manner, while also making sure there arent any leaks or other problems hiding in the background. Want to book your car in for a check-up? Contact the Treadfirst team today.

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