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list of major tyre brands

Yokohama Tyres

As part of our comprehensive brand tyre range, we are pleased to offer a selection of Yokohama tyres to our customers throughout the Suffolk areas. Yokohama are an instantly recognisable Japanese manufacturer, and with almost a century of experience in the industry they have proven to be at the forefront of innovation, research and development, so you can trust their products are of the highest quality.

Our wide variety of Yokohama tyres range from those that enhance performance, such as the road-legal Advan range for sports cars, to those that are perfectly designed for extreme driving conditions such as the W* Drive range. We can also supply the specialist Yokohama Geolander tyres, specifically produced for off-roading in 4x4s. So whatever you’re requirements, you can trust the Yokohama range and the expert team at Treadfirst for the best solution.

Our highly skilled technicians will professionally fit the tyres using state of the art equipment to ensure reliability and durability. Simply give us a call today for further information or advice about our Yokohama tyre range.

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Use our tyre hotel for either your summer or winter tyres at no cost to you.

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list of major tyre brands