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list of major tyre brands

Uniroyal tyre brand

Uniroyal is a prestigious tyre brand we stock here at Treadfirst. With almost 50 years of research and development, Uniroyal created the first ever rain tyre designed specifically for use in wet conditions. Since then the Uniroyal tyre range has become known for its high performance in winter weather conditions such as rain and snow, keeping you and your vehicle safe on the road.

Uniroyal are favoured for their quality range of tyres, designed to provide high performance and the utmost safety, and with tyres to suit all specifications at competitive prices, they’re ideal if you want a reliable and durable tyre option.

Whether you choose the Rain Sport 3, Rain Expert 3, Rain Max 2 or even the Rallye 4×4 Street tyres, you can be sure our team will fit them to ensure a reliable and long lasting solution. With locations throughout Suffolk, please feel free to give us a call today for professional advice on your new tyres.

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Treadfirst tyre hotel

Use our tyre hotel for either your summer or winter tyres at no cost to you.

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list of major tyre brands