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Continental WinterContact TS 860 Winter Tyre Test 2016

Posted on by Treadfirst Industry News

In a manner befitting the prestige and reputation of one of the world’s leading tyre suppliers, Continental’s WinterContact TS 860 has swept to victory in the 2016 Winter Tyre Test award.

Run by weekly UK magazine Auto Express, the accolade was awarded after all tyres were put through a number of rigorous tests. The WinterContact TS 860 taking 1st place in several categories, including wet braking, wet handling, wet circle, dry handling, rolling resistance and cabin noise.

The magazine was impressed with Continental’s latest model, explaining that “the new Continental delivers a winning blend of wet and dry grip plus fuel efficiency. It will keep you safe on snow, and then it will excel in the wet and on dry roads.” This last statement will be of particular interest to UK drivers, who will mostly be experiencing wet driving conditions over the winter.

Continental puts the success of the WinterContact TS 860 down to a new tread compound and design, which it has christened the Cool Chili compound. An increased silica content means shorter braking distances in slippery conditions, while a flexible polymer matrix offers improved grip in ice and snow.

However, it’s with Continental’s innovative Liquid Layer Drainage system that the tyre excels. On icy surfaces, the tyre generates a thin layer of water under its tread when braking, limiting its contact patch with the road and draining water away at a rapid pace.

Winter tyres are crucial when it comes to improving safety and handling over the colder months, so having an understanding of how different tyres match up in terms of performance and efficiency will help when it comes to selecting the right ones for your vehicle. With this latest award under its belt, the WinterContact TS 860 appears to present the ideal option, and it’s no surprise that the tyre has been dubbed “Germany’s most experienced winter expert”.

The full list of categories tested is below, with the WinterContact TS 860’s position in each.

  • Snow braking (2nd)
  • Snow traction (6th)
  • Snow circle (5th)
  • Snow handling (3rd)
  • Straight aqua (5th)
  • Curved aqua (7th)
  • Wet braking (1st)
  • Wet circle (1st)
  • Dry braking (=2nd)
  • Dry handling (1st)
  • Rolling resistance (1st)
  • Cabin noise (1st)
  • Overall (1st)


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list of major tyre brands