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list of major tyre brands

Continental WinterContact TS 860 Winter Tyre Test 2016

Posted on by Treadfirst Industry News

In a manner befitting the prestige and reputation of one of the world’s leading tyre suppliers, Continental’s WinterContact TS 860 has swept to victory in the 2016 Winter Tyre Test award. Run by weekly UK magazine Auto Express, the accolade was awarded after all tyres were put through a number of rigorous tests. The WinterContact … Continue reading

Success for Continental in the Country’s First 19” Tyre Test

Posted on by Treadfirst Industry News

Continental have once again backed up their reputation for quality with victory for the SportContact 6 in evo’s annual summer tyre test. Taking top spot in the 235/35 R19 category on its debut, the tyre fought off competition from 8 other competitors, out-performing over a range of tests including for both dry and wet braking. … Continue reading

Improve Driving Safety By Switching To Winter Tyres.

Posted on by Treadfirst Industry News

Treadfirst – Winter Tyres We are big fans of winter (cold weather) tyres and have many years’ experience of using and supplying tyres that must be regarded as safety critical products.  Over the winter months we spend a great deal of time talking to customers about the merits of winter tyres.  Our opinions and reviews … Continue reading

Technologies in your car influenced by motorsports

Posted on by Treadfirst Industry News

There are various technologies which may feature in your car that are more heavily influenced by motorsports than you may realise. Indeed with the ever-growing automobile industry, there are constant updates and new technologies gracing our vehicles. Here, we list some of the everyday features in modern cars that you may be accustomed to which … Continue reading

Tyre Technology

Posted on by Treadfirst

When fitting a new tyre, the process can be a lengthy one that comes as an inconvenience to fleet managers. In fact, it is not only the fitting an entire fleet with tyres that can be a lengthy and fiddly procedure, but also the manufacture of the tyres themselves; something which is even more the … Continue reading

Has your car had its safety recall? Check with new online tool

Posted on by Treadfirst

Thanks to a new online tool, it is now easier than ever to check whether or not your car has had it’s safety recall. The Vehicle Safety Recall Service, developed in a collaboration between the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and Motor Codes – a body backed by the government for motor industry … Continue reading

Daimler unleashes self-driving trucks

Posted on by Treadfirst

Self-driving trucks are the newest invention to be gracing the highways of the US. Though not currently in full-time use, these innovative new vehicles are being tested on stretches of road with the idea of being used as freightliners. A relatively new innovation, the trucks should – in the long run – provide a more … Continue reading

Director jailed for running huge unlicensed tyre dump

Posted on by Treadfirst

The tyres industry has featured in the national news recently, with a story of the illegal storing of a vast quantity of tyres coming to light. The company director of the Scottish firm responsible for this illegal act, Paul Cook of Earthmover Tyre Recycling, has subsequently been jailed, after 114,000 tyres were recorded as having … Continue reading

Five amazing bits of car technology we take for granted

Posted on by Treadfirst

With cars becoming more and more state-of-the-art and continual developments being made in the automotive industry, amazing new pieces of car technology are being made and installed into new vehicles every day. We must not forget, however, the existing technologies that we have in our cars that we may well be taking for granted; technologies … Continue reading

Paris moves to ban polluting vehicles from its roads

Posted on by Treadfirst Industry News

Paris, like many other cities around the globe, is moving towards becoming a cleaner and greener environment. One measure this city is taking is that of banning the use of cars and utility vehicles which are more than 17 years’ old, as well as lorries or buses older than 18 years within central Paris. Socialist … Continue reading

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list of major tyre brands