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list of major tyre brands

Michelin tyres

We stock all leading tyre brands, including Michelin tyres, to enhance performance and increase your road safety. Michelin are one of the world’s largest and most trusted tyre manufacturers and have a proven dedication to technological advancement.

As a result, the name Michelin is synonymous with quality and reliability, and with more than 125 years in the industry and decades of innovative engineering, they are one of the leading tyre brands available.

Our range of Michelin tyres can host a wide selection of requirements, whether you want a tyre to enhance your driving experience – such as their Pilot Sport 4 tyres which are designed to perform safely in any conditions from dry braking to wet cornering; or you’d prefer a more fuel efficient tyre for covering long distances – such as Michelin’s Energy range.

So why not call on the professional tyre suppliers here at Treadfirst in Suffolk for an honest service you can rely on.

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Use our tyre hotel for either your summer or winter tyres at no cost to you.

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list of major tyre brands