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list of major tyre brands

Cooper/Avon Tyres

Treadfirst are the professional suppliers and fitters of a wide range of branded tyres from only the leading manufacturers in the industry.

This range includes Cooper and Avon tyres that are largely popular mainly due to their versatility. Avon have been at the front of tyre manufacture since they began in 1904, and with more than 100 years of experience, they utilise innovative technology to ensure the production of some of the highest quality tyres on the market.

So whether you want tyres that can enhance your driving performance or suit your low-profile car, Avon and Cooper will have the right tyres to meet your needs. From the Turbospeed range which is renowned for high-end performance tyres and the e ZZ5 ulta­high performance for driving enthusiasts and high end sports cars, to the ZT5 model, which is most popular for a general use and even their Ice Touring range, designed to keep you safe in icy winter conditions.

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list of major tyre brands