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list of major tyre brands

Bridgestone tyres

As specialist tyre suppliers, we understand the importance of a good quality tyre. Our branded tyre range includes Bridgestone tyres that cover all specifications including performance and low-profile tyres that suit all budgets at competitive rates.

Bridgestone are a world renowned tyre manufacturer and have been since they were first established in Japan in 1931. Their ethos, to serve society with superior quality, means they are constantly finding innovative ways to improve their products and as such you can expect the very highest quality from their tyres.

Our knowledgeable team of staff are highly skilled to fit all tyres, whether you choose the Bridgestone high-performance Potenza tyres, or you just need a set of B280 for general use, our state of the art equipment ensures a quality fit you can rely on.

If you’re in the Suffolk regions of the UK then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information on our services.

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Treadfirst tyre hotel

Use our tyre hotel for either your summer or winter tyres at no cost to you.

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list of major tyre brands